Ian Rees is a film composer and musician. He currently works on full length theatrically released films as well as independent shorts. He is also employed by the company Amusme, which specializes in promotional Augmented Reality technology and iTunes applications. Ian has a professional-level home studio located in Los Angeles, California. He has built up, and is continuing to expand upon, an enormously diverse and realistic sounding collection of samples that he runs on his industry standard sequencer and computer. Ian records live musicians and instruments at Harvey Productions, which is a professional recording studio located in Burbank, California.

Ian was a featured guest speaker at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, where he discussed the fundamentals of film composing along-side his friend and associate Garrett Crosby. Ian and Garrett are a co-composing team who tackle every project together with quality and efficiency. It is rare for two composers to always be perfectly in sync with each other and fully respect their individual musical talents, however, this is one of those rare cases. Ian and Garrett have been able to defeat the constraints of composing alone, and can now turn out results with speed and quality at a reasonable budget.

Ian has been composing music ever since he began playing piano at the age of 4, and has studied both electric and classical guitar since he was 12 years old. He graduated from California State University Northridge, where he earned his B.M. in Commercial & Media Writing. Ian was accepted into the USC SMPTV Graduate Certificate program, however, he politely turned down the offer to continue his flourishing career. As well as his focus on film scoring, Ian is a composer/singer/keyboardist/guitarist for “Audioplacebo”, an L.A. based experimental rock group. His expertise in broad musical range has kept him placed as a priority amongst well established film and media directors of today.